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Dhaka Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh and the principal city of Dhaka District. Located on the banks of the Buriganga River, Dhaka, along with its metropolitan area, has a population of 11 million, making it the largest city in Bangladesh and one of the most populous in the world.
Chittagong Chittagong is the second largest city in Bangladesh. It is the Commercial Capital City of Bangladesh. The surrounding mountains and rivers make the city attractive. Chittagong is an ideal vacation spot. Its green hills and forests, its broad sandy beaches and its fine cool climate always attract the holiday-makers.
Rajshahi Mahasthan Garh:
It represents the earliest and the largest archaeological site in Bangladesh, consists of the ruins of the ancient city of Pundranagara. The site is 13 km north of Bogra town on the Dhaka-Rangpur highway. The ruins measuring 1500m N-S and 1400m E-W and are enclosed on their four sides by rampart walls that rise to an average height of 6m from river level.
Khulna Bagerhat:
This city's name broadly taken means 'habitat of tigers' but the literal meaning for bagh is garden or tiger, and hat is market place. This meaning aptly describes the physical condition of this low mangrove forest, which was inhabited by the Royal Bengal Tiger.
Sylhet Sylhet has also a very interesting and rich history. Before the conquest by the Muslims, it was ruled by local chieftains. In 1303, the great Saint Hazrat Shah Jalal came to Sylhet from Delhi with a band of 360 disciples to preach Islam and defeated the then Raja Gour Gobinda, Sylhet thus became a district of saints,
Barisal Barisal is a city with divisional headquarter. It was a semi-independent area in Mughal period. In course of time, it fell under Bengal Nawab and British India, later passed to Bangladesh.It was formerly known as Chandradip and later it was named as Bakergonj according to the name of a Jamindar named Baker. Later it takes the name as Barisal. Kua Kata is one of the most popular tourist spots in Barishal division.

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